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Who and what God is is perhaps THE greatest mystery in all creation.  What I have been led to know is that at its most basic God is the infrastructure for all that is, including all material reality – it is like the fundamental aspect of everything we can ever know, see or think.  I once heard this truth challenged by someone who posed the question – “What about a nuclear bomb or missile? Is that terrible thing God as well?”  Spirit answered not the thing itself but EVERYTHING from which it was made, the metals, plastics, glass etc is God.  God is not just the pretty things, it comprises all things.

To be clear, I’m not saying you ARE God individually but rather God is You, even those things you would deny or hide in shame.  You are an aspect of the creator, of source.  So is everyone and everything else.

And here is something that you, the reader, perhaps hadn’t yet considered.  “Everything” includes YOU, your physical form, your thoughts, everything!

To explain why God is everything, the channeler Darryl Anka, delivered this rudimentary but insightful message that went, basically, (and I’m paraphrasing here) “because in the beginning of creation there was only God, therefore he/she/it was the only available material from which to build anything out of.”