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SoulAdventure.Love is a relaunch of sorts.  In June 2012 I published my first of nine interview-based episodes on spiritual topics to YouTube under the show title before deciding a change in direction was needed.  I hit the pause button in late November of that same year and haven’t produced an episode since.  It took more than eight years before I began to feel the impulse to try again although I’m still not 100 percent sure what this project wants to be or even WHO is going to be participating.

The Initial Idea

What I had first planned for the 2020 re-launch was essentially a blog written from my everyday “personality self” perspective describing what it is like for an ordinary person to go through humanity’s next major physical and spiritual evolution called “the Shift.” If what has been described as the shift actually happens this would be the most significant event in human and earth history in the last many thousands of years or even longer.

With that, I’d also share posts on whatever spiritual knowledge I’ve picked up along the way that I found interesting and worthwhile to share.  Frankly, I knew because it would be my personality self doing the writing that there would be errors and misunderstandings in whatever I released but I hoped it would still be a valuable exploration even if just for myself to look back on in future times.  Of course, I hoped over time it would attract an audience beyond just me.

The Concept Evolves

So while I’ve always had the strange desire to share knowledge, wisdom, and hidden information, I also really didn’t want it to be coming entirely from ME, (meaning my “personality self”) it couldn’t…because, frankly, WTF did I really know?  I have plenty of ideas and opinions but I am not an expert on spiritual matters. I’m learning just like everyone else – an “initiate” on the path towards ascension if you will, a fellow traveler.

Then I came upon what seemed to be at least a partial answer:  What I really wanted was for my “higher/divine self” to partner with my personality self on this project, taking a decidedly conversational back-and-forth two-way approach.  That felt like a much more honest and interesting concept.

What I really wanted was for my “higher/divine self” to partner with my personality self on this project in a much more conversational back-and-forth two-way concept.  That felt like a much more honest and interesting approach.

That said I am an experienced interviewer, host, and media producer and knew I could do well in that role.  But how the heck could I accomplish this new endeavor?  Except for one possible instance in the 2011 timeframe, I’ve not experienced clairaudient psychic communications and so I had to rely on outside channelers to make that connection to the higher dimensions for me in order to ask questions directly to spirit.

Would this be an attempt at automatic writing, clairaudience, or what?  Would it be mainly text with images or would I also use audio and video?

Getting In Touch With My Knowing / Higher Self / True Self

I’ve been told that humanity is now just on the very precipice of a major evolutionary change that will connect us each with our true knowing and true self – a source of knowledge and wisdom usually only accessible in the higher dimensions or when one passes over.  The most fascinating aspect is that this information source isn’t some external being, rather it is US, our individual higher selves also known as our true self merging with our physical bodies and creating a blended super consciousness in form. 

But until that event occurs, how can a person make that kind of connection with their own Higher Self/True Self/Divine Self? This is what I need to find out if this project is to really succeed.