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This quote came from an intensive 5-day online workshop with Paul Selig channeling “the Word” on the topic of what is needed from individuals wishing to support the shift:

Now, some of you wish to be teachers, and you may well find that you become one.

But the truest teacher of this work is the one who abides in the Upper Room, does not judge, does not damn, and stays in humility.

And by this we mean you are the conduit for the teaching, not the expert upon it.

We don’t require experts.

We require students who begin to comprehend that their very expression, the Divine as them, is what does the heavy lifting, is what builds the bridge, through consciousness, which is what love is without fear and will support all with the one fish given.

Manifestation Intensive Day 3, Lecture Saturday, October 17, 2020

Hearing this came both as quite a relief and provided a certain level of encouragement to pursue this project although, of course, many questions remain. (PS: the part about the “one fish given” is indeed referencing an earlier lesson on manifestation very similar to the Biblical parable of Jesus feeding the multitudes with 5 loaves of bread and two fish although Paul’s guides were talking just about one fish)

The biggest challenge remains that this project requires the participation of my higher self / divine self / true self and until I can hear that and be in conversation with that aspect of myself then it cannot move forward, at least not as I have thought of it so far. I need to be the conduit in fullness.